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This study is testing whether special counseling sessions can help 10-18 year olds who have difficulty getting to sleep at night, difficulty waking up or getting out of bed in the in the morning, and feel sleepy during the day.
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The Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic is dedicated to improving treatments for Insomnia and other sleep disturbances, as well as Bipolar Disorder and Depression in teenagers and adults. We specialize in helping people obtain better quality sleep and in improving overall health and well being. Professor Allison G. Harvey directs this program of treatment studies. Dr. Harvey is an experienced clinical psychologist who is licensed in the state of California. All of our research is funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health.

Dr. Allison Harvey, Director

Dr. Harvey


Allison Harvey is Professor, Clinical Psychologist (License # PSY 22682) and Director of the Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Harvey's team aims to developmore effective and efficient treatments for psychiatric and psychological health problems by (a) applying a multi-systems and mechanisms-focused framework in which basic science findings on cognitive, affective, biological, behavioral, and developmental contributors are used as sources for deriving novel interventions and (b)intervention research is used to develop hypotheses about and/or confirm mechanisms. We are particularly interested in comorbidity and transdiagnostic approaches. For more information about Dr. Harvey, visit her full profile here.